Season 2 Episode 1: Back in the Saddle

June 27, 2016

Hi everyone,

Some Guys and a Filthy Mage is back for Season 2!

No longer just a Dragon Age RPG podcast, we've moved to a format as a General Gaming podcast featuring topics on Malifaux, Guildball and whatever else we might be playing.

New logos,
New format,
New games

What's not to love?

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Episode 7 Slow and Steady

December 5, 2015

This episode brings to a close the first stroy arc of the Dragon Age Campaign.

Some Guys and a Filthy Mage return to Brandel's Reach for a final showdown with Marlena


Episode 6

September 19, 2015

This is a big episode.

Both in coming in at over 3hrs 40min and also a signifcant step forward in the story.
The party are forced to make some difficult choices in this one.

Hope you enjoy


Episode 5

July 3, 2015

In this latest episode the party run into some of the consequences of previous actions.


Episode 4

May 26, 2015

We're back after missing a month due to a gaming convention a lot of us were involved with last month.

This Episode we go off-topic a lot but the party still manage to get to uncover more of the mystery surrounding the campaign.



Episode 3

March 30, 2015

It is 9:37 Dragon

While civil war rages in Orlais and the Templars strike out against the Circle of Magi some guys and a filthy Mage continue to blunder haphazardly through Ferelden, threatening to forever change the face of the city.

Who will be the first to break? Will it be the merchants, the inn keepers or the once proud and forever stubborn church?

Only time will tell as some guys and a filthy Mage continue their adventures...


Episode 2

February 28, 2015

The year is 9:37 Dragon

In Orlais, the threat of civil war may decide the fate of an empire.

To the far North, the once great Tervinter Imperium maneuvres to regain its domination of other nations.

Tension between the Templars and the Circle of Magi is reaching a tipping point that could change the face of Thedas.

And in Ferelden, Some Guys and a Filthy Mage seek out their next job and who to piss off next.


Some Guys and a Filthy Mage Episode 1

January 31, 2015

Episode 1

Here's the start of our adventure in Thedas

The year - 9:37 Dragon.
The Campaign starts out aboard the Acaster an Orlesian Merchant vessel sailing from Kirkwall to Denerim.


Nate - GM
Connor - Ranold, Avvar Warrior
Scott - Tenzan, Tervinter Altus Mage
Vince - Jessamine, Fereldan Freeman Warrior
Chris - Lanaya, City Elf Rogue

Absent due to illness was:-
Dave - Bjorn, Low-born Dwarf Rogue
Paul - Tal, Tal-vashoth Warrior

We hope you enjoy