Episode 6: Alive and Kicking

November 10, 2016

Hi guys, we're back!


Some Guys and a Filthy Mage has been marred with some technical difficulty of late which has prevented us from recording but we've worked through it and got an episode out at last.


In this episode we focus on Kickstarters

We have a segment on Kickstarters in general, our feelings about them, and what we think makes a successful (or unsuccessful) campaign.


We follow that up with a review of Fallen Frontiers, a sci-fi skirmish game by Scale 75


And we finsih up with a review of the the 2nd edition of 7th Sea, a tabletop RPG by John Wick presents.


We hope you enjoy the episode.


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Episode 5: Going Underground - Interview with Emiliano Mancini

September 21, 2016

Here we are with Episode 5,

Nate has had the pleasure of interviewing Emiliano Mancini of Maki Games to discuss their new product currently running on Kickstarter:

The Modular Underground Project

This is a fantastic hard plastic modular dungeon system which would be great to use for any fantasy/steampunk/modern skirmish games or roleplaying games using miniatures.

Emiliano shares with Nate their motivations behind the product and some insights into their plans for the future.

You can check out the kickstarter at:

Or for more information check out their Facebook page



Season 2 Episode 4: An interview with a special guest Mike Tuñez

August 24, 2016

We promised a pirate episode and we deliver!

We extremely happy to present an interview with Mike Tuñez, the lead developer of Blood and Plunder.

Blood and Plunder is a 28mm historical skirmish game set in the 17th Century Caribbean featuring pirates and privateers of that era.

Tune in and listen to the man himself tell you about the game and what Firelock Games have planned for the future of the system.


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Episode 3: Mechs, Ghosts and Masters

August 12, 2016

In this episode we review a new game from Kickstarter called Scythe, another game called Mysterium, and finish off our discussion of the Malifaux masters from Ripples of Fate.



Season 2 Episode 2: Kill them with kindness

July 11, 2016

In this episode of Some Guys and a Filthy Mage we start by discussing Fated Festival, a weekender gaming event that some of us were running tournaments for.

This episode are segments cover:-

The remaining Wave 4 Malifaux Masters
Hex Hex, an unothordox competetive card
A review of Albion's Legacy, a cooperative board game based on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table

In the outro we also discuss Tater, the latest Guild Ball player to be unveiled.


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Season 2 Episode 1: Back in the Saddle

June 27, 2016

Hi everyone,

Some Guys and a Filthy Mage is back for Season 2!

No longer just a Dragon Age RPG podcast, we've moved to a format as a General Gaming podcast featuring topics on Malifaux, Guildball and whatever else we might be playing.

New logos,
New format,
New games

What's not to love?

NOTE: To any new listeners, we would recomment you start listening from here.

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