Season 2 Episode 13: I like Big Boats and I cannot lie

September 8, 2017

Hi Everyone,


We're back with an interview with Mike Tuñez and Fred Barnard from Firelock Games to discuss what's coming up in Blood and Plunder.

They give us some new and exciting details about the new book 'No Peace Beyond The Line'

What make this a special episode is that while we are chatting Mike and Fred are making preparations for the impending Hurricane Irma. You can actually hear Mike putting up shutters in the background.


The recent hurricanes that are hitting the Gulf region have devastated the lives of many people, we urge you to consider donating money to charities like the American Red Cross ( ) or your regional disaster relief service. JJ Watt of the NFL has also set up a fund to help the people of Hoiston ( ). Please give what you can, people need your help.


And with that, on with the show...



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